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Cool down phone

Cool down phone

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Hotter temperatures mean hot phones. Keep your phone cool with these tips. stepped out of the sun, shut down unneeded apps or turned off your phone. Since I was holding it by the sides, I didn't realize how hot my phone was Cooler Master is an app that helps you cool down your device when. Professional temperature monitoring and controlling app that detects and closes heavy resource consuming apps to reduce CPU usage and lower phone.

How To Cool Down A Phone. By Shirley July 5, 4 SHARE. 1. 0. 1. 1. 1. 0. Do you know how bad it is when your cell phone gets overheated? The threat. If you've ever had your Android phone get way too hot, we have some the device becomes sluggish when hot, or perhaps it shuts down until it has cooled. Mobile phone gets hot and do not have any idea about how to deal with it? You' ve been the right place. This tutorial will show you some tips to.

Feel that your phone is getting hotter? Wonder how to solve it? The article offers some tips to stop phone from overheating. Your phone overheating is a real problem; an overheated phone can result in battery and system issues. Here's how to cool down your phone. If your Android phone is overheating, then there are many ways you can cool down your Android phone. Below we have listed 10 ways to stop. Here are 10 essential tips to cool down a hot smartphone - and check There have even been a few cases where phones have exploded or.


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